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Dallas County Promise Career Mentoring Program


The Dallas County Promise ensures that eligible scholars receive a variety of benefits, including tuition-free college, success coaching and mentoring.


We Need You

Dallas County Promise is built upon three pillars of success: tuition free college, mentorship and IT system reporting.

As one of those pillars, our Promise Career Partners mentorship program provides critical support to scholars who need it most. Participating mentors are dedicated professionals and experts in their fields. These mentors come alongside our scholars to help show them the path to begin their chosen careers. This is a critical piece of scholar success! Without mentorship and guidance, many of our scholars might not continue their journey from higher education into the workforce.

We need you to join our mentor network. Your unique knowledge and experience will help guide scholars along their journey of completing a post-secondary credential — a journey ultimately to secure employment. Through mentorship, our scholars can learn social, networking, time-management and interpersonal skills from someone who is well-matched in their field of interest or desired career path.

Get Involved

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Submit an interest form
  2. Complete a background check
  3. Complete an online profile to help match you with a mentee

Mentorship Opportunities

Our scholars will look for your expert advice on subjects such as:

Career options and navigating the hiring process 

Developing "soft-skills" needed to enter the workforce 

Building a network to connect scholars with internship and job placement opportunities 


Individual Mentorship

Connect with scholars by offering time and guidance as a volunteer career mentor from the community. If selected as a mentor, you will be matched with a scholar with career interests and goals similar to your own experience and expertise.

As a mentor, you will be expected to meet with your scholar once a week virtually, and once a month in person. You’ll also need to provide success coaching on a variety of topics — from what to wear to an interview to how to begin a professional email.


Workforce Learning

Connect with scholars based on their desired career industry by collaboratively developing work-based learning experiences for them. Learning experiences can range from company tours and job shadowing to HR speed-networking and internships or apprenticeships.

Especially important to scholars looking for high-demand, middle-skills jobs, workforce learning allows employers to shape and recruit future talent.

Dallas Promise Mentoring Video

Mentors are dedicated professionals and experts in their fields. They are alongside our scholars to help show them the path to begin their chosen careers.

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63% of college graduates who complete a paid internship receive a job offer, compared to 35% who never intern.
—Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
Commitment and Responsibility
  • One year (one calendar year) minimum commitment
  • Available based on scholar need (1-2 times a month) using “Career Blueprint Toolkit”
  • Minimum three in-person meetings a semester; a total of six in-person meetings for a calendar year
  • Provide a supportive and empowering relationship that will establish a foundation for career opportunities and success
Mentor Qualities
  • Enjoy working with young adults
  • Strong communication skills
  • Accessible and approachable
  • Able to provide guidance and constructive feedback
  • Positive and enthusiastic
Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, you must:

  • Be employed or retired
  • Hold an industry credential, certification or higher education degree
  • Register online
  • Pass a background check
  • Create an online profile using our Chronus software
  • Attend orientation/meet and greet kick-off event

About Us

Dallas County Promise is a coalition of school districts, colleges, universities, employers and communities that have joined forces to help more Dallas County scholar’s complete college and begin careers.

60x30TX is a statewide initiative with the goal of helping 60% of Texas adults (ages 25 to 34) to obtain a degree by 2030. Dallas County Promise is a big part of this initiative and seeks to solve the talent gap by producing equity in higher education.

Dallas County Promise is a unique program and the only one of its kind in Texas. The program covers the cost of tuition for up to three years or until degree completion (whichever comes first) at any Dallas College campus, while also providing a career mentor. This mentorship program is two-fold and includes individual mentorship, as well as work-based learning.

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