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Dallas Promise Mentoring Video Transcript



[Background guitar music plays]

"The benefits of having a mentor are making strong connections and… kind of like … learning from someone on a personal level and … kind of having an advantage that most people don't get."

[background guitar music continues]

"For me, I am a first generation kid, and like, I don't have anyone to like, help me out with my career. So I would like someone to help me understand and evaluate my goals."

"The benefit of having a mentor is [that] I would have guidance in order to keep myself in track to reach my goals and being a successful student."

"They're very helpful. They have good communication skills; they are very consistent with you. They check on you, they care- which is very important for this program. Especially if you're in college, having a career mentor is awesome."

"When you see someone being passionate about something, or just enjoying what they do, makes you want to like, learn more and be engaged.

[guitar music plays as the video ends]