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Start an Apprenticeship Program


No, we’re not talking about reality TV or a medieval guild when we say “apprentice.” A growing number of American companies have discovered that registered apprenticeship programs offer a proven solution for recruiting, training and retaining world-class talent.

Overseen by the U.S. Department of Labor (or a related state agency), registered apprenticeships are high-quality, work-based education and training arrangements that must meet rigorous national standards. In these paid positions, apprentices must work 40 hours a week and receive a minimum of 2,000 on-the-job training hours.

El Centro College, North Lake College, Richland College and DCCCD’s District Office serve as the lead educational agency for several existing apprenticeship and journey worker programs, including:

Occupation/TradeApprenticeship ProgramLead Educational Agency
Cloud Support Engineer Amazon Veterans Apprenticeship ProgramDCCCD District Office (TWC)/Richland College
Culinary Arts Food and Hospitality Apprenticeship Program El Centro College
Electrical Technology North Texas Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee North Lake College
Electrical Technology DCCCD District Office (TWC)
Trade Show Displayer Texas Finishing Trades Institute DCCCD District Office (TWC)
Pharmacy Technician CVS Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship Program Richland College
Plumbing and Pipefitting Plumbers and Pipefitter, Local Union 404 DCCCD District Office (TWC)
Sheet Metal Wichita Falls Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee DCCCD District Office (TWC)

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Interested in learning more or starting your own apprenticeship program?

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Project Leader, Apprenticeship Programs

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