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Recruit and Retain Talent


Dallas College

With more than 275 technical degrees and certificates, Dallas College provides training across a wide array of industries from accounting to public safety. Learn more about the areas of training we offer.

If you want to recruit and retain talent with a competitive wage, how much should you pay your workers? provides employment projections and wage information (mean wage, median wage, entry wage, experienced wage) for the entire state of Texas.

Provided by the Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI) Department of the Texas Workforce Commission.

What is a living wage in Dallas County?


To help answer the question about what to pay your employees, data on what wages meet the basic needs of individuals or families in Dallas County (aka “a living wage”) becomes relevant.

Here is a sampling of the hourly wage information we provide for students and all residents of Dallas County via our Living Wage Calculator:

One Working Adult with no children
One working adult with one child
One working adult with three children

Provided by the Dallas College Labor Market Intelligence Center (LMIC).

Talent Pipelines

There are several talent pipelines for local industry.

Request Talent Pipeline Info From Dallas College

View Regional Pipeline Info (PDF - 1.8MB)


Regional pipeline data provided by the Dallas Regional Chamber.