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Explore Industry Trends


Industry Sector Reports

View a breakdown of the latest industry research in our easy-to-digest, annual reports.

They include the following data and information:

  • Leading area employers
  • Forecasted job growth
  • Related occupations
  • Desired skills in job listings
  • Geographic industry demands

Provided by Dallas College Labor Market Intelligence Center (LMIC).


High-Demand Jobs

What jobs are in demand in Dallas County? Get the answers you need to position your business for a successful tomorrow.

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas has identified the following targeted occupations for Dallas County. These occupations will assist Dallas County employers by providing a well-trained and higher-skilled workforce. 2017-2018 targeted occupations fall in any of the following industry areas:

  • Health Care (8 occupations)
  • Advanced Manufacturing (5 occupations)
  • Information Technology (12 occupations)
  • Public Safety (1 occupation)
  • Education/Training (1 occupation)
  • Construction/Industrial (18 occupations)
  • Business Management (8 occupations)
  • Trucking (3 occupations)