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Together, our seven colleges equip students for success. They also provide economic benefits to business, taxpayers and the community.

As one of the largest community college districts in the state, our schools impact more students than a traditional four-year school. Our relationships with employers and the community allow us to remain agile and responsive to community needs.  


Our Focus

In the Office of Global Economic Development, our daily work focuses on facilitating global business and workforce development for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

“Businesses, students, faculty — no matter who we serve, partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. And we do it on a large scale, across national boundaries.”
Anita Gordy-Watkins
Associate Vice Chancellor of Global Economic Development, DCCCD

Helping Dallas Go Global


By supporting
foreign direct investment

We encourage local businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of foreign trade opportunities.

FACT: Dallas’ top 5 area export markets are Mexico, Canada, Germany, China and Japan.

By developing
a globally educated, skilled workforce

We build global relationships that facilitate opportunities for educational partnering.

FACT: Our colleges recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with M.S. Panwar Community College (India) to enhance cooperation between both institutions.

By facilitating
export assistance

We increase productivity and growth of global companies through strategic development.

FACT: 45% of Dallas exports are to Free Trade Area (FTA) markets.


The Office of Global Economic Development also supports the Dallas County Community College District in its charge to:

  1. Foster cultural competency through knowledge and interpersonal skills that allow individuals and businesses to understand, appreciate and work with cultures other than their own.
  2. Pursue mutually enriching relationships and engagement with domestic and international communities.

Our People

Ready to connect? We are ready to support your needs.

Anita Gordy-Watkins
Associate Vice Chancellor
Global Economic Development
Grant Sisk
Interim Project Manager
Global Programming and Relations
Megan Harris
Executive Assistant
Global Economic Development

We can help you identify your global needs and support the strategic development and growth of your business.

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