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Why Dallas


Multinational corporations, a logistics hub and the fastest-growing skilled workforce in America … Dallas truly has it all.

Businesses turn to Dallas to:

Reach Global Markets

Considering a business expansion and/or relocation to the Dallas area?

You’re not alone! The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex is one of the top three U.S. metropolitan areas for business expansions, relocations and employment growth.

largest metro area in the U.S.
for new jobs among U.S. metro areas
Foreign-owned businesses and multinational corporations
of residents are foreign-born or children of foreign-born

DFW’s central location allows the Metroplex to function as a logistics and distribution hub. It’s also a prime location for headquarters as well as operations centers. In fact, 20 Fortune 500 headquarters and 5 Global 500 headquarters are proud to call Dallas home.

The global face of Dallas attracts all types of business and industry. The low taxes and cost of doing business are what keeps them here.

Attract Investors

Are you looking to attract foreign direct investment to your region?

Foreign direct investment can help your business enter new markets, grow resources, improve efficiency, create jobs or acquire strategic assets.

Wherever you are, we can help you target the right industries, companies and investors from around the globe.

Launch your global search today.

Meet Our Global Economic Development team

Tap Into a Highly Skilled Workforce

Highly skilled and well-educated, Dallas’ workforce provides business and industry with the talent they need to thrive.

How much talent? Well, as of fall 2017, the Dallas regional labor force was 3.6 million, with an average of 360 residents moving to Dallas every day.

Dallas relies on several talent pipelines for local industry. You can request the talent pipeline from Dallas Community Colleges — where we average 120,000 plus students per semester — as well as the regional talent pipeline.

You can also partner with our colleges to help build the local talent pipeline.

For example, Dallas ISD Collegiate Academies is a collaboration between our colleges, the Dallas Independent School District and business and industry partners, including American Airlines, Texas Instruments and Children’s Health, to name a few.