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Build Global Partnerships


Do you want to build strong, global alliances? We can help.

You may have heard the phrase “opportunity knocks.” Truth is, most opportunities don’t walk straight to your door and ask to come inside. Instead, you have to seek to find them. And once opportunities are found, they must also be developed.

The same is true for global partnerships. Businesses must seek, find and develop global partnerships to reach international markets. And that’s where we come in.

The office of Global Economic Development is your resource for workforce and economic development. Based in the Dallas area, our team routinely works closely with local and international players (like you) to facilitate trade, foreign direct investment and workforce development.


Why Dallas

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is one of the top three U.S. metropolitan areas for business expansions, relocations and employment growth.



The goal of our team at DCCCD is to develop a globally minded workforce and build partnerships internationally.


Learn more about the initiatives of DCCCD to expand globalization throughout its colleges, faculty and students through the study abroad program.