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Build Global Partnerships


​Do you want to build strong, global alliances? We can help.

The office of Global Economic Development is your resource for bridging workforce and educational partnerships between Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and international business communities.

Based in the Dallas area, our team routinely works closely with local and international players to facilitate trade, foreign direct investment and workforce development. 


We develop signature workforce training programs for foreign companies located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

We host delegations from abroad in collaboration with local partners.

We organize forums on international and global issues.

We provide Labor Market Intelligence data.

We facilitate acquisition and placements of local workforce talent.

We consult and provide support to foreign direct investors.

The items listed above are only part of the services we offer.
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Our Collaborators

We work hand-in-hand with chambers of commerce, professional organizations, foreign government representatives, global companies, local, state and federal agencies and private businesses to promote the attraction of foreign investment to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Learn more about our collaborators.


Why Dallas College

Together, our seven campuses equip students for success. They also provide economic benefits to businesses, taxpayers and the community.

As one of the largest community college districts in the state, our schools impact more students than a traditional four-year school. Our relationships with employers and the community allow us to remain agile and responsive to community needs.

Contact Our Team

Anita Gordy-Watkins

Associate Vice Chancellor
Global Economic Development

Virginia Artega

Managing Director
Global Economic Development

Rosana Martinez

Research Analyst II
Global Economic Development