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​​​​​We drive workforce and economic development through programs, services and relationships that align with identified needs of business, industry and community.

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We provide ...

Business Resources

Data about our ever-changing economy and networking connections within the business community are invaluable.

Strengthen Your Small Business
Understand the Local Economy

Workforce Training

The key to a thriving business is a highly skilled and fully trained workforce. How can we help?

Ascend Institute's Custom Training
Additional Workforce Credentials
Manufacturing and Welding

Access to

Who will you hire next? We can help expand your operations or get your business fully staffed.

Explore Apprenticeship Programs
Hire a Veteran
Become a Mentor

Looking for training for yourself?

If you want to add workforce skills to your own résumé and make yourself more valuable for current or future employers, you’ll want to see all the training opportunities that are available for you at Dallas College.

Bill J. Priest Institute

Dallas College's Bill J. Priest Institute’s mission is to help small businesses grow revenue, increase jobs and contribute to the economic growth of Dallas County. Led by its Small Business Innovation Cultivator, the institute brings together resources and assets that make it a “one-stop shop” for small business services.

Visit Bill J. Priest
“This 35-year partnership [with Dallas College] has enriched the knowledge and skill base of all levels of our industry, from the entry-level worker to the seasoned project manager.”
—Jane B. Hanna President, Construction Education Foundation (CEF)

Learn More About Our Department

A division of Dallas College, Workforce and Economic Development strives to be the strategic driver of uncommon solutions that meet the needs of business, industry and community. Learn more about our goals or meet our team.