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Welding Certifications


Great news: The days of sending your employees long distances to gain welding certifications are long gone.

If you are based in North Texas, there is an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Test Facility (ATF) right in your backyard: the Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development, also known as BJP for short.

Welding Certs to Meet Your Business Needs

Here at BJP we offer welding certifications to meet the needs of business and industry, as well as students in the metroplex. To find out more about the welding certifications we offer, visit our FAQ page.

Why Test Your Welders at an ATF Facility

“Save money, improve productivity and reduce liability – entrust your welder certification to the experts.”

The American Welding Society outlines many reasons companies turn to accredited testing facilities to test and qualify welders. Ricky Barrow, the director of the welding program at Bill J. Priest, adds one more, “We bring businesses an advanced level of experience and training expertise. And we bring welders the opportunities to advance by taking on higher-level career challenges and earning specialized certifications.”

Certify Your Employees

Ready to get your employees certified?

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