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Ascend Promo Video and Transcript





A new day. In the Workforce and Economic Development Division at the Dallas County Community College District, that new day is today. For more than 50 years our colleges have provided critical job training to North Texans, but as business needs evolve in the 21st century, so too must our approach. DCCCD is proud to introduce the Ascend Institute . . . a new day for developing the workforce skills you need . . . that will help our community stay on the cutting edge of business growth. 

DR.JOE MAY, Chancellor DCCCD

The Ascend Institute is designed to respond quickly to a variety of corporate training needs, from technical education . . . to team building . . . to determine if job applicants are the right fit for your company. The Ascend Institute will fundamentally change the way training is delivered to your employees.

MARK HAYS,  Vice Chancellor, Workforce & Economic Development

It’s not just about recruiting the best employees anymore – it’s about keeping them. As employees, we all want to do well at our job. Knowing that you’re working for a company that will invest in your success is a critical component of job retention. The Ascend Institute will deliver that training.


The key is flexibility – technical skills, soft skills, management training – it’s your call and the Ascend Institute will work with you to deliver it online or in person. But what’s behind the Ascend Institute is the expertise of talented workforce and economic development professionals from Dallas Community Colleges.

ANITA GORDY-WATKINS, Associate Vice-Chancellor, Global & Economic Development

Our global economic development department can assist with international issues, including cultural sensitivity training and attracting diverse talent from one of the seven Dallas Community Colleges to your company. We know many companies are global companies, and we want to work with you on both a local and international level.

GLORIA SMITH, Senior Director, Adult Education and Literacy

Our WorkReadyU initiative serves over 10,000 students who are learning what it takes to succeed in the workplace – whether it’s technical skills or taking English as a second language. Employers can meet with these students to discuss job opportunities and joining your company.

GEORGE LAFFOON, Project Manager, Solutions Development

A rapidly expanding area for the Workforce and Economic Development Division is apprenticeships, which can be a tremendous recruitment and retention tool for your company. The Ascend Institute can assist you in creating apprenticeship programs to provide your employees with nationally recognized credentials — credentials based on workplace-based competencies rather than classroom grades.

CRISTIN THOMAS, Executive District Director, Small Business and Entrepreneur Innovation

As your business grows, you need connections with local vendors who understand your supply and service needs. Through the Ascend Institute, we can connect you with small vendors eager to work with you — make one phone call instead of dozens to get the job done. Or if your team needs training in small business operations, finance, or marketing, Ascend can help with that, too.


As you can see, it is a new day for workforce training in North Texas. The Ascend Institute will move quickly to meet your needs. We can no longer afford to be bogged down with traditional college semesters and red tape. Our commitment to you is to listen, to be a partner, and to meet you on your timeline. It’s been a long time coming, but the Ascend Institute is here for you – our businesses, our customers. Please let us know how we can help.