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About the Labor Market Intelligence Center


The Labor Market Intelligence Center (LMIC) aspires to be the leading source of regional workforce information and insight for the Dallas College.

The LMIC works with Systemic Reporting and Analytics, our campuses, regional partners and industry to:



... opportunities and trends in high-growth, emerging and economically critical industries and occupations.



... the gap between labor market demand, available training, and existing or future workers.



... socioeconomic barriers that may hinder student success.



... Dallas College respond to workforce needs by providing quality information for decision making.

Using Data for Decision-Making

To keep Dallas County competitive in the regional marketplace, it is critical that the college understands the economic drivers of the region and how these drivers affect workforce development. Dallas College must have continuous access to quality data to ensure its curriculum produces workers with the skills relevant to Dallas County businesses.

The LMIC accomplishes this through:

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping
  • Federal and State analytical tools
  • Internal and external collaboration and analysis

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Labor Market Intelligence Center

Our Resource Partners

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Federal Reserve Bank of DallasBureau of Labor Statistics