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Promoting prosperity and eliminating economic disparity.

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Dallas College drives workforce and economic development through programs, services and relationships that align with identified needs of business, industry and community. We work to be the strategic driver of uncommon solutions and deliverables by utilizing the talents of extraordinary people, tools and ideas.

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Dr. Pyeper Wilkins
Workforce and Advancement
Gloria Smith
Associate Vice Chancellor of Career Connected Learning
Workforce and Advancement
Ben Magill
Associate Vice Chancellor of Economic Opportunity
Workforce and Advancement
Justin Cunningham
Associate Vice Chancellor Innovation and Business Strategy
Workforce and Advancement
Iris Freemon
Associate Vice Chancellor, Advancement and Development
Workforce and Advancement
Josh Skolnick
Executive Director
Mark Langford
Regional Director
Julio C. Wong
Director of Human Resources,
American Leather
“I have not worked with a more professional group of individuals. As we increased our workforce and improved our business process, the Bill Priest Institute has been instrumental in helping us create a culture of continuous process improvement and learning.”

We provide ...

Business Resources

Data about our ever-changing economy and networking connections within the business community are invaluable.

Workforce Training

The key to a thriving business is a highly skilled and fully trained workforce. How can we help?

Access to

Who will you hire next? We can help expand your operations or get your business fully staffed.